Watch: Gator just wanted to join the game at Florida golf course

An alligator cautiously approached a group of golfers down in southwest Florida, maybe to just join in on all the fun they were having.

Michael West was out at the Heritage Landing Golf & Country Club in Punta Gorda when the stalking gator spotted his eye and he started recording the reptile. 

"Hey man, we got a foursome. We’re full. We’re good," one person was heard saying in the video. "This guy decided he wants to join."

The reptile was seen approaching one of the golfers, who chose to ignore it and focus on his swing.

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"I didn’t think anything of it," West told Storyful about what was going on in his head. "I’m more worried about setting up a birdie putt with a good shot than the dinosaur running up on me."

He successfully completed his swing, at which point the gator stops in its tracks and plops down onto its belly.

"You live once. Have some fun. Make a memory," West told Storyful about the experience. "Would I take that same shot again? Absolutely."