Waconia, Minn. teen uses a goat to get a prom date

Forget flowers, this Waconia, Minn. teenager used a goat to ask his date to prom.

"I had to make it extravagant because, you know, it's prom," Joel Luedke said.

Joel asked Sophie Haugland using Rascal the goat for one epic prom proposal. Joel let Rascal out of his stall at Sophie's house, so when she came home, she had to bring Rascal into the barn.

"After she got home and brought the goat in, I was in the goat stall. I opened the door and said, ‘Will you goooa-t to prom with me,' like a goat, you know," Joel said.

Sophie said yes. No word on whether Rascal will be in attendance.