Video shows TSA agents rushing to help man who went into cardiac arrest at MSP

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"I just collapsed to my knees and fell face forward," said Greg Eubanks.

From the very second Greg Eubanks lost consciousness inside Terminal 1 at MSP Airport, the surveillance makes it clear: Without hesitation, TSA Agents Brittany Sutton and Eric Jones rushed to help.

"He was just laying right about here on the ground," explains Sutton.

The emergency unfolded August 10 on the "G" Concourse. Greg had just landed at MSP from Indiana to catch a connecter flight back home to California when, without warning, the 60-year-old went into cardiac arrest.

"I told Eric, Eric we got to flip him over, Eric started CPR compressions and I ran to get the AED," said Sutton.

First responders then jumped in, using the newly implemented Elegard, or Heads-Up CPR device. "He was shocked a total of eight or nine times with us on scene. "

All of which added to a life-saving bundle of care, made possible first by two heroes who acted fast and placed an early 911 call.

"Luckily both me and Eric have previous medical training," Sutton says.

"I just can't thank them enough," Greg Eubanks told us, trying to hold back tears.

After reuniting at the hospital, neither are the same.

"They're our extended family now, and we love them," said Sutton.

"He's given me something that I can be proud of for the rest of my life," adds Jones.

"I just want them to know that I love them with all my heart and I owe everything to them," exclaimed Eubanks.

But, if you ask Sutton or Jones... "If anybody deserves it, it's Greg!" 

Jones agrees, "He's the sweetest man."