VIDEO: Semi busts Lowry Tunnel lights

The Minnesota State Patrol is looking for the driver of a semi that violated the construction zone ban on trucks entering the Lowry Tunnel. In this case, the semi clipped 47 lights that dotted the inside wall of the tunnel, shattering the bulbs as it cruised through.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation released video that shows the truck busting the tunnel lights.  MnDOT spokesman Dave Aeikens said it happened at about 6:30 on Friday, July 28.

Officials identified the driver as 69-year-old Miguel Ciena-Torres from Apopka, Florida. Authorities cited him for careless driving and failure to obey a regulatory sign. He will have a mandatory court date due to the damage and the incident occurring in the construction zone.

Trucks weighing more than 9,000 pounds are banned from the Lowry Tunnel during construction, which has reduced traffic to two lanes in each direction, with all lanes of traffic often sharing one side of the tunnel.