UPDATE: Pedestrian hit and killed in Plymouth intersection

A man died after he was hit by a vehicle in Plymouth on Saturday.

Around 11:42, police arrived on the scene to find a man dead in the intersection of County Road 6 and Yuma Lane.

Though the victim’s name has yet to be formally released, he is well known to people in the area who witnessed either the accident itself, or the aftermath.

Victor Hernandez said he was in his garage just off County Road 6 when he heard a woman scream.

“She was running back toward this side and I asked her what was wrong, and she said a gentleman got hit.”

Hernandez said he ran to help, but it was too late.

“When I got there, the gentleman was not even breathing, but his eyes were open. He had passed away,” he said.

Plymouth police say the man was struck by a vehicle while trying to cross the road. The driver stayed to cooperate with the investigation and was not immediately taken into custody or given a citation.

Those who live in the area remain shaken. People in the area recognize the victim from his daily runs through the neighborhood.

“I’ve seen him walk during the winter, during the summer, during the spring,” Hernandez recalled. “I mean he’s been walking in even 10 below zero.”

“Which is what makes this so strange, because I cross this road, too... a lot of us do,” said Clayton Esse, a witness to the accident.

Esse explained that many people take this route to access the Luce Line, a popular trail.

“I think he was coming back when he got struck,” said Esse.

There are no visible crosswalks in the area where the man was hit, and the speed limit on County Road 6 is 45 miles-per-hour.

Neighbors said this incident is a reminder for everyone to be careful, and watch out for one another.

“I think it’s a sobering reminder for everybody to pay attention and be careful when you cross the street,” said Esse. “It’s just a really sad day.”