Two dead, two injured in rollover crash in north Minneapolis

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Two people are dead and two others are injured after a rollover crash involving two vehicles in north Minneapolis, according to Minneapolis Police spokesperson John Elder.

Elder says the crash happened just before 8 p.m. in an alley near the 3200 block of Penn Avenue North.

Around 7:52 p.m., police were patrolling Lowry Avenue North and Penn Avenue North when an officer noticed two vehicles driving at a high rate of speed. The officer managed to stop the second vehicle. The driver told the officer the other vehicle - a black van - was involved in a hit-and-run and he was attempting to catch up to it.

The officer then drove in the direction of the van. The suspect's van went northbound on the alley just west Penn Avenue North and hit a silver car, a telephone pole and flipped over.

One person in the silver car and one person in the van died in the crash. One person from each vehicle was also transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Elder said the police did not chase the suspect's vehicle.

"This was in fact not a pursuit, this officer was never close enough to the car to even get a license plate or give more than a vague description of the car," said Elder. "Pursuit was never radioed out. This was not a chase."

The crash is still under investigation.