Trinity Ottoson-Smith killing: Dpree Robinson wants to withdraw guilty plea

The man who pleaded guilty in the fatal drive-by shooting of 9-year-old Trinity Ottoson-Smith in Minneapolis wants to withdraw his plea and go to trial, according to court documents filed this week.

Dpree Robinson claims he was on oxycodone after hernia surgery and was not in his right mind when he pleaded guilty.

In a statement to FOX 9, Nicole Ottoson, Trinity's mother, said: "I can't emphasize enough how frustrating the court process is, especially when seeking justice for an innocent child who has been taken away from us. The delay in court proceedings and endless motions have been the most frustrating part, especially when he has pled guilty and admitted to shooting my daughter. It's beyond difficult to relive the details of the crime over and over again, but it's necessary to ensure that Justice is served. As Trinity's mother, I will do anything to bring closure to my family, but the court process shouldn't be this frustrating and prolonged. Our family is praying that Trinity will receive the justice that she deserves."

"Mr. Robinson’s frank and emotional acknowledgment of his intentional and shocking murder of Trinity Ottoson-Smith two years ago was important for her family and the community to hear, even if it was profoundly painful to relive the tragedy of that day. We are deeply disappointed he is now seeking to undo that step toward accountability and put this family through even more pain," the Hennepin County Attorney's Office said in a statement to FOX 9 on Thursday. "We will vigorously oppose this motion because his plea was knowing and voluntary and he made clear to everyone in that courtroom he was thinking clearly as he admitted his guilt."

His sentencing had been delayed after his defense attorney withdrew as his attorney, citing a conflict.

A hearing on Robinson's request to withdraw his plea is scheduled for June.