Taxi driver helps catch I-694 attack suspects

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Police have arrested two men in connection with a violent attack along Interstate 694 in Arden Hills, Minn. Officers were called to I-694 and Snelling Avenue around 9 p.m. Wednesday on reports of a man with stab wounds on the side of the highway. He was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive, but his condition is unknown at this time.

Shortly after the attack, Muse Dahir got a call for a fare from Arden Hills, but it was a  suspicious request with no specific address initially given by the supposed customers. When Dahir got close, he saw all the flashing lights and stopped to talk with authorities.

A second call to the customer, who now had an address, convinced police it was probably their suspects. So law enforcement packed into the Airport Taxi minivan with a K9 and pounced when Dahir pulled up into the driveway on Glen View Court.

“All of the troopers were in my car,” Dahir said. “Two in back, one here, one in front.”

The suspects -- 28-year-old Hunter John Carlstrom of Rockford, Illinois and 30-year-old Jessie J. Liegel of Bridgeton, New Jersey -- were taken into custody, including one arrests made with help from the dog.

“The cabbie was awesome,” said Sgt. Kevin Otto. “He went above and beyond the call. He did everything we asked and he was very helpful. I don’t think it would have worked if the cabbie wouldn’t have done it.”

CLARIFICATION - The Ramsey County sheriff office is officially calling this case a "violent assault" after initial reports of a shooting or stabbing. The victim was battered and bloodied, but had no bullet wounds an no stab wounds when he was brought to the hospital. A knife was recovered from the scene, but it's not clear how the knife was used.