Taxi companies installing security cameras in cabs to increase safety

A Minneapolis taxi driver said he's happy to be alive after his cab was carjacked and later wrecked downtown on the fourth of July.

"He told me get out the car I'll shoot you,” the taxi driver, who wants to remain anonymous, said.

Blue & White cab spokesman Noah Rouen said dangerous situations are nothing new for his drivers, which is a large reason for installing security cameras.

Cameras may be the last thing you’d expect when you climb into the back of a cab, but get used to it because they're quickly becoming the industry standard.  Rouen said there will be more of a demand for them when customers realize the cameras are helpful to keep them safe.

So far, the taxi company has outfitted ten cabs at about $1,000 for each camera. It's certainly not cheap, and some have also raised concerns about privacy.

"This isn't something that's going to be out on the internet,” Rouen said.  “It’s close circuit.”

Rouen said the video will never leave company servers unless there’s an incident.  He hopes the cameras will protect both cab drivers and their customers.  And perhaps even stop violence before it happens.

"Certainly a deterrent for someone who wants to hijack a cab on the fourth of July,” Rouen said. “And at least they'll know we have a record of that.”