St. Paul firefighters: Even small fireworks pose a risk

As the Fourth of July approaches, St. Paul firefighters are urging people to take care using any type of fireworks, small or large.

We all know the damage illegal fireworks can cause, but even tame fireworks like sparklers can present a hazard.

"This is just a sparkler and sparklers can burn up to 2,000 to 2,500 degrees," said Deputy Chief Roy Mokosso, St. Paul Fire Department. "A second on the skin would give you second or third-degree burns."

"Once we're getting to the blistering and breaking of the skin, then we’re talking about third-degree level," adds Mokosso.

The Saint Paul Fire Department showed us how even a sparkler can set a T-shirt on fire.

"30 percent of all injuries that are a result of fireworks are because of sparklers, and 40 percent of those injuries are children," says Mokosso.

"Fireworks that launch or explode are illegal in the state of Minnesota and so, therefore, are prohibited on park’s lands," says Clare Cloyd, St. Paul Parks and Rec.

"Safe distances is the big thing," said Deputy Chief Mokosso. "Don’t point anything at anybody and ideally put it in a bucket of water."