St. Paul Central urges respect, conversation after medical emergency

Central High School in St. Paul has canceled evening activities and will be making its crisis support team available after a student experienced a "serious medical emergency" Monday afternoon. Details of the incident were not made public by the school and Principal Mary Mackbee warned of rumors and asked for students to respect the privacy of the family.

Letter to Central High School families:

Dear Central Senior Families,

I'm writing to share some upsetting news that happened at school today.  

Sadly, a student experienced a serious medical emergency at school this afternoon. Staff responded immediately by calling emergency personnel and the student was transported to the hospital. We have talked to the family and will be working to support them during this difficult time.

There are a lot of rumors about what happened today and I urge you to encourage your child to respect the family’s privacy during this time.

Young people react in many different ways to tragic news. It’s important to talk with your child and be alert to any changes such as:

physical – any changes in sleep patterns or eating habits;
motional – any changes such as unusual fears, anger, worry, or especially distant behaviors toward parents;
social – loss of interest in usual activities.

Beginning tomorrow morning, our crisis support team of social workers and counselors will be available to all staff and students who may be upset or want to talk. If your child needs additional support or if you have other concerns, please call me at 651-744-4900.

Thank you for supporting your child and Central Senior.


Mary Mackbee, Principal
Central Senior High School

UPDATE- The school released another statement on January 13, 2015. It reads:

Dear Central Senior Families,

I'm writing to share some very sad news. Fischer Anderson, a Central student, has passed away. This is a devastating loss and our hearts go out to the family.

Each of us will react to Fischer’s passing in our own way. When a child dies, young people may be filled with sadness, fear and anger. Our school support team of counselors and social workers will be available to talk with students who are worried or upset in the days and weeks ahead.

The family has expressed gratitude for the support from the Central community. They wish to share that Fischer has been dealing with depression for some time. Notably, he is an organ donor and will be giving the gift of life so that others may live. Please keep the Anderson family in your thoughts. Funeral arrangements are pending.

Open communication between parents and children is very important. As your child works through their emotions, try to give reassurance and to understand their feelings. If you feel they are having a particularly difficult time, please call our school for support at 651-744-4900.

Thank you for supporting your child and the entire Central community.


Mary Mackbee, Principal

Central Senior High School