St. Cloud man charged after his son placed deer carcasses on cars at YMCA

A St. Cloud man has been charged after police say he and his teenage son discarded deer carcasses on two cars in a YMCA parking lot earlier this month.

Daniel Knowlen, 62, of St. Cloud now faces one gross misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a child after charges say he “observed, aided, watched, encouraged, and/or failed to stop from placing two deer carcasses on stranger’s vehicles without consent.”

According to the charges, surveillance video shows Knowlen and his child at their pickup truck before the child took the carcasses out from the bed and placed them on two vehicles.

When officers first located Knowlen’s vehicle in his driveway the next day, he denied being at the YMCA, but later admitted it.

Knowlen was asked how he picked the vehicles that were vandalized, to which he said his child “just put ‘em on there,” and that “he was playing funny and I just kinda thought it was funny. So…just being funny.”

He admitted he could have stopped his child from doing it and also said he did not know who the vehicles belonged to and he was not trying to target anyone in particular. The child also said he had no explanation for these actions.