'She did not deserve that': Woman injured in St. Paul hit-and-run passes away

A woman has died from her injuries after a hit-and-run in St. Paul over the weekend. Now, police are trying to find the person responsible.

"She was a jack of all trades,” said Sarah Wilson, the woman's mother. “She touched everybody's heart. She really did."

Sitting on her front step with family and friends, Wilson says she doesn't understand how someone could leave her daughter for dead.

"How they left her was disrespectful and very inhuman,” said Wilson. “My daughter didn't deserve that. She did not deserve that."

Police say Taressa Wilson-Snyder was found unconscious in the eastbound lanes of Maryland Avenue between Desoto and Clark streets around 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Investigators say she was seriously hurt after being struck by a car. Paramedics rushed her to Regions Hospital where she passed away from her injuries.

"Right now, we don't have any witnesses to this, so we are looking for people to come forward and they may know something about a vehicle," said St. Paul Police Sgt. Mike Ernster.

Since there were no witnesses, police are searching the neighborhood to see if any homeowners captured what happened on surveillance cameras. Investigators also found parts of what could be a red 1996 to 1998 Honda Civic, which they believe was involved in the crash.

“We're asking anyone out here with info who knows anyone with that vehicle or the owner of that vehicle to come forward,” said Sgt. Ernster. “I know it must be weighing heavy on their conscience. We want them to come to headquarters and talk to our investigators.”

Wilson says her daughter was an organ donor and donated her heart to a 54-year-old woman. Now Wilson wants whoever hit Taressa to do the right thing, so her heart has a chance to heal.

"I want to see these people pay for what they did and let other people know this is not right and if you have information,” said Wilson. “It’s sad that you would keep it to yourself and let a family go through this."

Taressa leaves behind a five-year-old daughter.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the investigator line at (651)266-5921.