Rain to turn to snow overnight, gusty Friday

In the Twin Cities metro area, there could be a few slick spots during the Friday morning commute as rain showers turn to light snow overnight.

The change to snow is expected to happen after midnight.

A gusty wind from the northwest will drop the temperatures through the morning, hitting the low teens Friday afternoon. The winds will be between 10 to 20 miles per hour.

MnDOT will have their plows ready to clear and salt state roads in the metro as temperatures drop overnight.

“We will not put salt on the roads when it’s raining because the salt will be pushed off the roads, but we’ll watch, and as soon as the conditions reach a point where the salt will get on the road, stay on the road and have some effect, other than getting washed off we’ll put the salt on,” said Kevin Gutknecht of MnDOT.

They feel confident the main roads will be safe come morning, but they say you must be alert as soon as you walk out of your house.

“Where people will be challenged is the moment people step out of their front door until you get to the main state roads ways there could be challenges,” said Gutknecht.

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