Propane tank explosion causes significant damage to structures in White Bear Lake

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Damaged caused by a propane tank explosion. (Credit White Bear Lake Fire Department) 

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The White Bear Lake Fire Department is reminding the public about the dangers of working with gases after responding to a propane tank explosion Thursday morning. 

Fire crews responded to the report of a loud explosion that shook the caller’s house and received additional calls in the neighborhood reported hearing and feeling an explosion. 

Initially, the fire department couldn’t locate the source of the explosion. Eventually, they discovered a furnace in a fishing trailer that was leaking propane and exploded. The trailer suffered significant damage, with the back door and siding nearly blown completely off. 

No injuries were reported, but there was significant damage to nearby structures and a vehicle. 

"It is a good reminder to be very careful when working with gases that may explode. We encourage everyone to leave this type of work to the professionals," the fire department said in a Facebook post