Police looking into training records of suspected I-35W bus shooter

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An investigator is looking into the training and employee records of the man who is suspected of shooting a school bus driver on I-35W in Minneapolis earlier this year.

Kenneth Lilly, 31, is charged with second-degree attempted murder and second-degree assault for the February incident.

A search warrant filed in Hennepin County District Court details an interview with Lilly in which he describes his training as a security guard for Statewide Protection Agency. 

As a part of a permit-to-carry training, Lilly explained he was taught situational awareness to try to avoid the threat in the first place. Lilly explained he would not fire his gun "unless he believes he can outrun the threat or it's going to keep him from dying or suffering grievous injury."

After the shooting in February, Lilly told officers he shot the bus driver because he was "in fear for his safety", according the charges. However, surveillance video did not reflect his narrative.

The criminal complaint, Lilly stopped his car on I-35W near Chicago Avenue after a school bus allegedly scratched his vehicle. Lilly got out of his car and attempted to get on the bus, but the driver refused to let him on. Surveillance video shows Lilly walk to the driver's side of the bus, pull out a gun and fire at the windshield.

The bus driver suffered two gunshot wounds, but survived the incident. A student, who was on board the bus at the time, was not injured.

The investigator requested Lilly's employee and training records with Statewide Protective Agency.

An evidentiary hearing is scheduled for the case in July.