Police investigating burglaries in South Lake Minnetonka area

The South Lake Minnetonka Police Department is investigating a series of burglaries that occurred at homes near Lake Minnetonka over the last several days.

It all started Saturday in New Brighton, continuing in Excelsior before finishing up in Deephaven.

The burglaries took place while the residents of the homes were inside sleeping, according to police. The suspects gained access to the homes through open garage doors, unlocked service doors and unlocked vehicles in the driveway with garage door openers inside. In one incident, a window was broken on a vehicle to get to the garage door opener. Once inside, the suspects have stolen primarily electronics and purses.

"I was pretty shocked," Deephaven resident Jim Friedlander said. "It's a really small bedroom community and we just don't have crime like that."

A stolen car was located through a tip from a neighbor, though the owners of the rest of the items were not nearly as lucky. 

Two juveniles have been arrested, though police say they're searching for two more suspects.

Authorities are advising residents in the area to call 911 immediately if you suspect someone has entered your home or garage or been inside your vehicle. 

Anyone with information regarding the burglaries is asked to contact the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department at tips@southlakepd.com

Residents are also asked to follow these safety precautions to avoid becoming victims of a burglary:

  • Stay vigilant about securing homes and personal property
  • Secure garage and service entry doors
  • Do not leave garage door openers in vehicles
  • If your vehicle has a permanently installed opener, then manually secure or lock your overhead garage door
  • Call 911 immediately if you see or hear anything suspicious