Police investigate racist, threatening letters sent to St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter

St. Paul police are investigating after Mayor Melvin Carter's Office received threatening, racist letters that referenced the trash collection decisions the city recently made.

According to police, on Oct. 7, the mayor’s office received a letter that contained a clipping of a newspaper article. The clipping had black writing on it that read, “This is what we got for electing a [expletives and racial epithet] Melvin Carter. No vote ever again for this jerk.”

On Oct. 11, the mayor’s office received a second envelope. Inside, they found another newspaper article clipping. The clipping had writing on it that read, “This is what we get for voting a [racial epithet].”

Then, on Oct. 21, St. Paul police reported a threatening voice mail message left for the mayor. According to police, “the tone of the message was a warning that if the trash tax levy goes through, the mayor would pay for it and he would need ‘bullet proof’ glass on his home.”