Officials: Missing women recovered from Chaska crash scene died of drowning

At a retention pond near Highway 41 and Oak Drive in Chas, questions linger.

How did the vehicle two 19-year-old cousins were riding in early Saturday morning, end up in the water?

Just before 3 a.m. Zeynab “Hapsa” Abdalla left her job working at Amazon in Shakopee on a break. She got behind the wheel of a 2006 Chevy Impala, with a broken open window. About 15 minutes later, she arrived at a Chaska nursing home to pick up Bushra Abdi, who was also on break.

Not long thereafter, the young women called 911 for help, and then their phone died. A frantic search for the missing women ensued.

More than 24 hours later, tire tracks lead authorities to this pond where the women’s bodies were recovered. Their vehicle was submerged in water.

Like most family and friends, Zeybab’s step-brother, Faud Abdella is in search of answers.

“Exactly no one knows what had happened and we want to know these are all of the questions that we have,” said Faud.

Some family members believe that Abdi and Abdella may have gone to a convenience store for food, but suspect at some point something went wrong.

Monday afternoon, police called the incident an accident. Officially identified the victims, authorities also confirmed the cause of death as drowning.

Erica Perez, who attended high school with Abdella, is shocked by the sudden loss.

“When I found out she was gone, it was so unreal, I didn’t want it to be real,” said Perez.

Throughout the day family, friends and even strangers stop to remember two young women whose lives were cut short. 

“I hope she knows that we all love her and miss her,” said Perez.

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