#NowThreadingTalent helping laid off Target employees find jobs

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The search for a new job started on Wednesday for 1,700 former Target employees. And although there are only so many jobs to go around in the Twin Cities, one caring woman is doing her best to help out. 

Sarah Edwards runs the popular "I am Minneapolis" and "I am St. Paul" events, websites, and Facebook pages – which are closely followed in the creative industry. She's using the popular sites to help former Target employees find jobs.

"I thought what if I just started using the I am Minneapolis and I am St. Paul platforms to share what these people do?" Edwards said. "For me, even if a couple people get positions out of it I'll feel successful with it.

The sites are already filled with bios and contact information for former Target employees such as Julia Sasseville and Paul Novak who are looking for jobs. 

You may not know Julia, but definitely know her work, she was an art designer and graphic designer for the weekly ad.

If you use one of Target's mobile apps, then you know Paul's work too -- "I worked on the digital interactive team with websites and applications."

These two talented and passionate people were among the 1,700 walking out with boxes on Tuesday.

"Everything hit right away in the morning," Paul said. "Everyone just kind of started boxing up their stuff. It was kind of like this really emotional moment."

But a day later, Paul, who worked at Target for nearly four years, and Julia, who moved from Georgia to work there, are looking ahead with the help of Edwards.

"I'm open to anything," Paul said.

You can now find Paul, Julia, and other former Target workers on the valuable online real estate.

"I always hoped if I was ever in a jam, someone would help me," Edwards said. 

The posts are now being shared around the Internet and employers are already emailing.

"It's been pretty great, people just openly sharing," Paul said.

If you want your bio on I am Minneapolis, just head to the Facebook page www.facebook.com/iammpls.

The state is also helping out, the Department of Employment and Economic Development is reaching out to all the laid off workers, and will hold informational meetings this month.

Those looking for employment, talent, or even just have ideas to help out are being asked to use the hashtag #nowthreadingtalent to connect.

You can also follow I am Minneapolis on Twitter at @IAMMPLS.