No charges yet in St. Paul triple murder that orphaned toddler

The lone surviving suspect in last week's triple homicide in St. Paul, Minnesota has been released from custody after prosecutors said they needed more time to determine the extent and nature of his role in the shooting. 

The Ramsey County Attorney's Office did not file charges on Monday and instead sent the case back to the St. Paul Police Department for further investigation. 

On Sunday, a vigil was held at Lake Phalen to honor 47-year-old Wade McIntosh and his daughters -- 17-year-old Olivia and 19-year-old Maria. All three were shot and killed early Friday morning inside an apartment on St. Paul's east side.

Police say the gunman was 20-year-old Jeffrey Jamaile Taylor, the father of Maria's daughter. He was apparently upset about a custody dispute.

Following the triple murder, Taylor's half-brother, 19-year-old Jeffery Arkis Taylor was arrested and accused of kidnapping Maria McIntosh’s 18-month-old daughter. The two were eventually found a few hours later, hiding in shed near the scene. Jeffery Arkis Taylor was booked into the Ramsey County Jail on three counts of aiding and abetting murder, one count of aiding and abetting attempted murder and one count of kidnapping.

The gunman's body was located by investigators searching a nearby trail. They say he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Monday afternoon, the Ramsey County Medical Examiner ruled the manner of death of Jeffrey Jemaile Taylor as suicide, and the cause of death a gunshot wound.

“We never thought ourselves to be the victims of something like this,” said Maria’s cousin, Louis Hernandez said. “Maria was so very proud of the mother that she was, and her child and Olivia wanted to be a photographer.”

The teenage girls’ mother, Anita Sprosty, was also shot. She was hospitalized in critical condition but is expected to survive.

Before Sunday's vigil the McIntosh's family released this statement: 

First, I'd like to thank those of you that have already helped us. Your concern and help is proof that God is always with us, and that we still live in a world with love and hope. We have lost our family, Uncle Wade, Maria and Olivia McIntosh, Two inseparable sisters and their devoted father. Maria leaves behind Cheyenne, an 18-month-old baby girl.

This great loss is not only for who they were to each of us ,but the spirit of who they were together. There is a future each of them deserved, which contained the joy and laughter that they brought to the world. This is why we must remember their positive energy and happiness.

Baby Cheyenne has experienced and share's the loss of her Mother, her Father, Aunt and Grandfather with all who lost, this child needs and has us. Our family is here to always care for her and to always be those things she needs, without pause or restriction. She is the living and enduring spirit of those we lost. We as a family will always raise her to know this, to empower her and protect her. Cheyenne's upbringing is our everlasting focus, for she is the future. She represents not only loss but love.

Our beloved aunt Anita Sprotsy was shot while sleeping in her bed, that she often shared with her granddaughter. Anita will fight and recover, because that is who she is. She has always shared her strength as a sister, mother, aunt and friend. Her laugh is contagious and for those of you that shared a laugh with her, you know how epic and intoxicating it could be. She is filled with life, love and spirit. Anita will need help digesting this tragic incident and through prayer and good faith, as we know, she will overcome.

For each of you that are empathetic and wish to help, there is something you could do, please direct that generosity and kindness to the US Bank- Mcintosh Family Relief Fund or Go Fund Me @ McIntosh Family Relief Fund.

Our family is close, we do not know any other way. We were raised to help with the babies, play with the kids, talk to one another. We celebrate together, praise the Lord together and stand together but most all we have tried to instill love and understanding in each other.

Even though a whole branch has been taken and removed, our family tree will never fall. We are there for the each beginning, the glorious middle and the reluctant ends. We hold each family member in our hearts whether they are near or far.

As a last plea, we ask that you hold those you love, hold your blessings to your chest, because as easily as they are giving, they can be taken.

We are so thankful for the outpouring of love and support from our community, extended family and friends. We are humbled by those who we do not know, but will forever be grateful for your kindness.

In closing, we wish you peace in your home, happiness in your heart and love for Mankind.