MSP Airport receives more than $125 million in COVID-19 relief from FAA

(FOX 9)

The Metropolitan Airports Commission says it will receive more than $125 million in grant money from the FAA to help relieve the loss of revenues related to COVID-19.

According to MSP Airport spokesperson Pat Hogan, passenger levels at MSP have been reduced 95 percent and public parking is at only 2 percent capacity. Along with the closure of airport concessions, the MAC’s revenue streams have “taken a huge hit,” according to Hogan.

“We are very grateful for the federal aid, which will help us make debt payments and continue the safe operation of our airports for those who need to travel,” Hogan said.

While the $125,174,962 will help, Hogan projects that it will not be enough to cover the airport’s losses long-term. To help that discrepancy, the airport has put into place other cost-saving measures to bring expenses down.

The grants are part of a $10 billion package from the federal government going to airports affected by the pandemic.