Minnesotans say goodbye to the 2019 State Fair

Monday marked a bittersweet goodbye to the end of the Minnesota State Fair - and the unofficial end of summer.

So, thousands grabbed as much food as they could and soaked up the rest of fun.

In fact, the fair tweeted a record 245,243 people went through the fairgrounds Sunday, putting us on track to break Minnesota’s total record.

And it’s not just the attendance that’s breaking records; several places like Grand Stand Mini Donuts marked an especially successful season.

“I’ve worked here for 16 years, and it’s always nice to work the last day,” said Janelle Wilson, night shift manager at Grand Stand Mini Donuts. “It’s nice to look at all the stuff going by and know we made some good donuts this year.”

As we head back to school, work and reality, we raise our donuts, corn and Pronto Pups to the 2019 Minnesota State Fair and look ahead to next year.