Minnesota veterans mark 78 years since Pearl Harbor attack

Veterans gathered on Saturday in St. Paul to remember those lost at Pearl Harbor.

Saturday, the United States honored the thousands of military members and civilians that lost their lives in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

This year marks 78 years since the attack that led the United States into World War II. In St. Paul, military communities came together at the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs' remembrance. At the ceremony, World War II survivors spoke about their experience during the war and their duties served.

One local veteran, Charlie Korlath, was just 14 when the attack on Pearl Harbor happened, but he joined the Navy as soon as he was of age.

Charlie was in Tokyo Bay the day Japan surrendered.

"There were 2,000 aircraft above us when we were coming in," he said. "And they looked like flies. Just so everybody knows, there were 2,000."

Charlie has served as a volunteer with the Fort Snelling Memorial Rifle Squad for 38 years and has presented thousands of American flags to the families of veterans.