Minnesota on track to have deadliest year on roads since 2007

Five more traffic deaths over the weekend put Minnesota on track to have its deadliest year on the roads since 2007.

As of Monday, 391 people have been killed on Minnesota roads so far this year. Deadly crashes are tracking 23% higher than a year ago, with speeding the leading cause.

The Department of Public Safety and the Minnesota Safety Council are teaming up to target employers to help spread the word about safe driving.

One worker who was hit by a semi in March and suffered a traumatic brain injury said his life is changed forever.

"My message to Minnesota, my message to all of you drivers, is put both hands on the steering wheel and just drive," said Kellen Schmidt said at a news conference. "You know when you’re driving through road construction zones, remember, just drive. Look up, slow down, drive the speed limit."  

The Minnesota Safety Council says in addition to slowing down, drivers should give themselves more space behind the vehicles in front of them and buckle up.