Minnesota Nice: Man fights littering, cleans up parks as a hobby

He's just one guy, but David Freeman is making an impact one scrap at a time.

“It's amazing what you can get in 10 minutes,” said Freeman.

Whenever he can. Wherever he can. He takes time out to pick up the litter that clutters our public parks. Fox 9 met up with Freeman when he did a trash sweep in Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul.

He says he’s been picking up garbage for nearly two years. Each time he goes out, he collects about 40 to 50 pounds of trash.

It is a hobby and it is a mission.

“I was hiking up Carver Lake Park in Woodbury and started picking up with grocery bags and ended up getting garbage bags,” said Freeman.

He says the amount of litter he finds sometimes leaves him in disbelief.

“There are garbage cans everywhere and they aren't taking advantage of them," said Freeman.

He has his own Facebook page where he documents where he's been and hopes others will start their own mission to pick up litter.

He won't accept any money, but he will accept any donated supplies.

“The main thing is I feel like a contributing part of society,” he said.

And he has no plans of stopping.

“I post on Facebook that I'm going to do this until I die,” he said.