Minnesota company sees increase in puzzle sales amid stay-at-home order

Personalized puzzles are a hot seller at I See Me Books amid the stay-at-home order. (I See Me Books)

Amid the stay-at-home order, people are looking for more activities to do inside and a Minnesota book company has something that's been pretty popular. 

Staff at I See Me Books say they are selling 500 to 600 of their personalized puzzles a day.

“With people being home right now, the lift and the excitement right now on puzzles - it’s just through the roof,” said Ryan Guldberg of I See Me Books. “It seems like if there’s a puzzle to be made, there’s somebody right now that wants to put it together.”

At I See Me Books, people can upload an image to create their own 500-piece puzzle. Guldberg says popular uploads include pet pictures and family photos for Mother’s Day.

“It’s one of those things where you do a puzzle, I think you just want something familiar and when you notice somebody’s eyes or you put a face together in a weird way and go, ‘I think this is their mom,’” he said. “It just makes it more entertaining to put it together when you’re going to do it for a handful of hours.”

The company is encouraging families to time themselves while completing the puzzles.