Minneapolis posts EPA's deleted climate change information on city website

Minneapolis has posted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s deleted climate data on the city website because “in Minneapolis we know climate change is real.”

Shortly after President Donald Trump took office, the EPA eliminated pages related to the science behind climate change, projections on the future impacts of human-caused climate change and information on the Obama administrations Clean Power Plan from the EPA.gov website. 

Minneapolis is joining other major cities, including Atlanta, Boston, Houston, San Francisco and Seattle, in making sure people have access to information on climate change. The cities have posted snapshots of the EPA site before the climate change information was deleted to their own websites for the public to review.

“Recognizing that climate change is real, [Minneapolis] is helping to make sure people have access to information on it,” city officials said in a news release. “The city is committed to taking action to adapt to climate threats while reducing its dependence on fossil fuels.”

The EPA climate change information can be found here.