Minneapolis man charged for stealing car with 5 kids inside

A Minneapolis man has been charged, accused of stealing a car that had five children inside. 

According to the recently filed charges, a man and a woman were parked near 12th Avenue and East Lake Street on May 29. The man went into a nearby store to buy a few items, when the woman, who was waiting in the car with the children, realized she needed to purchase a few additional things and also went into the store. 

When she entered the store, the 22-year-old suspect got in the car and drove off "without saying a word." 

The charges say the suspect, identified as Abdirahman Mohamed Farah, drove a few blocks before the oldest child asked they be let out. 

The suspect then pulled over and fled the car, leaving the kids inside. They were quickly reunited with their parents. 

Farah was identified in a photo lineup but has not yet been taken into custody. He was charged via warrant.