Minneapolis homeless encampment transitions for winter as temperatures dip

As the temperatures dip below freezing, concern grows for people staying in the homeless camp in Minneapolis.

At the camp, good Samaritans drop off coats and blankets, but the need seems endless as people staying at the camp transition for winter.

“Yesterday and the night before was a tough one,” said David Bowen, who lives at the camp.

To keep warm, many are relying on wood-burning fire, not just outside, but inside their tents.

“This is a real wigwam that has a stove burning stove with a staff coming out,” said Angela Senogles Bowen, who is living at the camp.

While Fox 9 spoke to one woman, a tent was burning just yards away. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

“I started ripping the tent down, folded it over and smothered it,” said Jerry Stinson, who came to hand out blankets at the camp.

Those staying at the camp say they’re aware of the risk of possible tent fires.

“Most of them are flammable materials and if it takes off in the wind, the whole thing would go up,” said David Bowen.

While a temporary shelter is set to open just across the freeway next month, plenty say they won’t go.

“A shelter for some people is like being in jail,” said one a man.

Instead, some will choose to brave the winter, finding a way to survive.

“But you know, many years ago we lived like this,” said Angela Senogles Bowen. “200 years ago we lived like this. We’re survivors.”