Minneapolis City Council approves renaming section of Chicago Ave. as 'George Perry Floyd Jr Place'

A George Floyd Ave. sign was unofficially installed at 38th and Chicago Avenue earlier this year.

The Minneapolis City Council has approved a name change to honor the life of George Floyd.

Going forward, Chicago Avenue between 37th and 39th streets will be known as "George Perry Floyd Jr Place."

The intersection of 38th and Chicago, where Floyd was killed, became a makeshift memorial for him in the days follow his death. The memorial remains in place as city officials work to determine the future for the intersection.

Among the makeshift memorials honoring Floyd in May, someone replaced the street sign for Chicago Avenue, changing it to "George Floyd Avenue." A petition was also created to rename the street in Floyd's honor.

The new name is considered a "commemorative name" for the street -- meaning it will not change the actual home addresses on Chicago Avenue.