Man charged for 3 alleged sexual assaults involving Bethel University students

A 21-year-old Texas man has been charged in connection to three alleged sexual assaults that involved Bethel University students and happened last year in Ramsey County, according to court documents.

Gideon Osamwonyi Erhabor is charged with three counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine. According to the criminal complaints, in June, three women came forward to Ramsey County deputies to report three separate sexual assaults involving Erhabor. The reported incidents happened in September, October and December of 2018. One alleged incident happened in Erhabor's Bethel University dorm room and the two other alleged incidents happened at house parties in Shoreview and Roseville.

In August, Ramsey County deputies interviewed Erhabor in his hometown of McKinney, Texas about each of the alleged incidents.

The charges state, in the reported dorm room incident, the victim told police the two started kissing while watching a movie, but then Erhabor allegedly became more forceful, ending in rape, while she cried for him to stop. In an interview with police, Erhabor said they had sex, but the woman was crying due to a prior event she experienced.

In both of the house party incidents, the women told police they blacked out after only having one or two drinks and could not remember what happened the night before. After a house party in Shoreview, a victim said she woke up with vaginal pain and bruising on her thighs. She told police when she snapchatted Erhabor to ask what happened and if she needed to get anything, he responded, "I used a condom. You're fine." Erhabor told police the sex was consensual and they stopped after she began to have "second thoughts."

Court documents state one victim wasn't able to piece together the events until a second encounter with Erhabor, which happened nearly two months after a house party in Roseville. The victim told police, Erhabor came to her room uninvited and climbed into bed with her. When she asked him what he was doing, he said it wasn't like he hadn't seen "it" before because they had sex the night of the party in Roseville. The victim made Erhabor tell her what happened at the party. He told her they went into the bathroom, she pulled down her pants and while they were having sex, she fell asleep. Upon learning this, the victim responded, "I didn't fall asleep. I went unconscious" and made Erhabor leave. In an interview with police, Erhabor said they had sex, but denied the victim had fallen asleep during the incident.

The complaints were filed by warrant. Ramsey County says Erhabor is now in custody, however.