Police: Man arrested for repeated vandalism at 89-year-old Minneapolis woman's home

Police say a man has been taken into custody as officers investigate repeated vandalism at the home of an 89-year-old Minneapolis woman.

This week, family members said the vandal struck for a ninth time at Frances Mosley's home on the 5100 block of Cedar Avenue South near Lake Nokomis. Friday, police said a 44-year-old man has been taken into custody.

During each incident, starting in March, the vandal would walk up to the rear of the home, smash windows, and run off before being caught. The family took steps to stop the suspect, including putting up cameras, lights, and alarms, but the vandal didn't stop.

Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder said after the numerous incidents, officers from different units all volunteered to help investigate the case, which helped lead to Friday's arrest on probable cause stalking and threats of violence.

Police say investigators were able to collect DNA evidence that matched a known suspect. Along with the work of investigators, police also credited members of the community who were all motivated to help bring an end to these crimes and provided assistance.

"We listened to this victim, we stayed with this victim, we worked with this victim to help bring this person to justice," said Elder.

Officers say they have now learned the suspect knew the family of the victim. Police say the suspect was upset over a "property dispute" and targeted the victim because of it.

They are still working to determine if anyone else was involved in the crimes.