Loved ones gather to remember man killed in St. Paul bus crash

For Ian Coulter, standing at the corner where his co-worker lost his life is surreal.

"It is strange," said Coulter. "Sitting right here now I'm a little shaken. I'm still comprehending that. Still to this day I'm wondering why was it him? He didn't deserve this. It just breaks my heart."

Ken Foster was riding the bus home from work last Friday night when a car crashed into the side of a Metro Transit bus, killing him and seriously injuring another passenger.

One week later, people who live in the Frogtown neighborhood organized a public memorial service to help the neighborhood heal after the horrific accident.

"It just moved all of us," said organizer Judy Caravalho. "We're grieving. We're mourning. I just needed to find a way for us to be together. To eat. To share. To listen to each other."

About 75 friends, family and even total strangers remembered a life taken too soon.

"Seeing all the people is all that's important right now," said Foster's daughter Kenyatta Foster said. "The sun. That's his smile coming down. He's happy."

And maybe sharing stories with the people who knew him best will help make sense of a tragedy that doesn't seem to make any.

"Just peace about it and knowing he is in a better place. I hope that he and his family will be comforted in this time. Ken will be remembered in this time," Coulter said.