Hudson man saves stranger from getting hit by truck

Ryley Gorman was out with friends the night before Thanksgiving, when he found himself Hudson’s newest hometown hero.

Gorman was at Agave Kitchen in Hudson, Wis. when he noticed a pedestrian stumbling in the middle of second street.

He and his friends thought nothing of it, until they noticed a truck bearing down on him.

"I looked down the street and there was a truck coming and it was going really fast and it wasn't slowing down,” said 28-year-old Gorman. “I didn't think about It, I just got up, ran out the door and I pushed him out of the way."

The intoxicated stranger was pushed to safety, while the truck clipped Gorman, injuring his right hand.

"It hit me, I spun around, and next thing I know I was on the street on my back,” he said.

The truck never stopped, and neither did the man he saved.

"He pretty much just walked away, I never saw him again after the fact," he said.

Which is fine with Gorman. He never wanted the attention anyway. He says he just acted on human instinct.

"I feel like I just did the right thing, and I did what I hope anyone would do in that situation,” he said. "It's the way my parents raised me - if you see something unusual, do something."