Homecoming party for former Burnsville student after suffering from a near deadly brain injury

After spending 9 months at the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Burnsville, Burnsville hockey star Cole Borchardt has finally returned home after his near deadly brain injury.

Cole survived a terrible roll over car crash and was ejected from the car last August, he was in the backseat with his friend Ty Alyea, who didn't survive the crash.

"I wish he was here, to see him."

Doctors told Cole's parents he wouldn't be able to remember them.

"They told us he may not be able to respond, they told us he might say mom dad and that might be the best case scenario."

Bret and Heidi Borchardt watched for weeks as their son began to recover from several injuries to his brain and body. After 12 weeks of recovery, during one of his hospital visits Heidi received a response from Cole.

"I said I could just kiss you which wasn't his favorite thing pre-accident and then he gave me kissy lips and I'm like, you know what I'm saying? That's when we knew he was actually hearing us and was responding to it."

Fortunately, Cole has proven the doctors wrong.

Cole still has to undergo a few more surgeries and will receive outpatient therapy at Courage Kenny. He will also be working with a personal care assistant to continue to recover at home.