Hitting the streets in search of a fresh start with the Minnesota Internship Center

Since 2003, the Minnesota Internship Center has been helping kids who may have had a troubled past, hitting the streets and reaching out to kids who are likely unaware of the possibilities.

“We understand that sometimes this school, we are their last stand before they go out in the community and are out on their own,” said MNIC public relations manager Lucky Rosenbloom.

On Friday, organizers were out Minneapolis spreading the word about what they have to offer.

“I don’t really do well in public schools because of a lot of drama that goes around," current student MJ Capers said. "It’s a big environment."

Capers has been able to find success at MNIC, which helps about 500 students every year.

The program helps its students graduate and also find employment after, offering things like vocational training and even car loans.

“We help them complete a trade and then we help them get a job," said Rosenbloom. "Not only that, if they work 20 hours per week we are going to help them get their first car loan--up to six thousand dollars.” 

For more information on the program head to their website.