Hillary Clinton makes surprise visits in Minneapolis on Super Tuesday

As Senator Bernie Sanders heads out of Minnesota, his competition moves in. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made her way through Minneapolis on Super Tuesday.

“I want to be the president for everyone in our country and that's what I intend to do,” she told Fox 9.

Minnesota is holding a good amount of weight for party runners. Some political analysts say the state could be a make-or-break for Sanders, creating a good reason for Hillary Clinton’s last-minute visit.

Her appearances were kept a surprise; but the choices were in part an appeal to a demographic attracted to her democratic rival. Stop one was a packed Mapps Coffeehouse near Cedar-Riverside.

“I was just doing homework and she showed up here,” one surprised patron said.

Clinton made light of the exhausting build up to Super Tuesday – “I need some coffee, definitely coffee. What's the Big Bang? That's coffee with a shot of espresso. That's what I want.”

She met a string of young college-age supporters, and also a young Somali American who hammered her with questions about her record on racial issues. Clinton defended her record and said it's the republicans who demonstrate bigotry that she vows to fight against.

“You know, I think every one of them has made comments that are deeply troubling to what I want to see our country stand for, so I'm going to wait to see who they nominate. I'll be prepared to run against them if I'm fortunate enough to be the nominee.”

She then made a quick 10-minute trip through the Midtown Global Market. In total, Clinton was in Minnesota on Super Tuesday for a whirlwind two hours.

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