Group gathers in Minneapolis to protest President Trump's emergency declaration

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Despite backlash from some Americans and lawmakers, President Trump continues to defend his decision to declare a national emergency to build a border wall.

Throughout the day Monday, protesters gathered across the country, including Minneapolis.

“We’re here to show that we’re all watching, that we see this, we see that it’s not constitutional, that we’re not OK with it and there is a base of resistance,” protester Mae Wall said.

On Friday, the president bypassed Congress and declared the emergency in order to secure funding to build his proposed Meixcan border wall. 

“We have invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people and it is unacceptable," President Trump said.

The declaration would secure $8 billion for upwards of 230 miles of barrier along the southern border -- a declaration that is facing quite a bit of opposition. 

“This is clearly not an emergency if Congress can sit there and deliberate about it and decide that it is not an emergency,” protestor Peter Langr said.

As several states file lawsuits against the president, House Democrats are planning to issue a disapproval resolution. If it makes it to the president's desk, White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller suggests President Trump would issue the first veto of his term.

Monday evening, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison's office announced Minnesota will join the mulit-state lawsuit against the declaration.