Garden Guy: Best practices for a thriving vegetable garden

It’s been a weird year for growing vegetables.

Fox 9’S Garden Guy Dale K. says the answers to why this season is so odd goes back to a cold spell in mid-May. 

Soil temperature plays an important role in vegetable growth and the snap caused the growing season to bump back a week or two. 

A general rule for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers is that planting in the end of May is best. Often a warm spell in the middle of the month can be a mirage and a cold snap can cause some serious problems. Side note: Tomatoes need fertilizer during the season as well, not just when they’re planted. 

Also for your vegetables to thrive make sure they have the right sun and get the correct amount of water (watering in the morning is best).

Check the pot size too, if you have a pot that is too small the soil can dry out as the vegetables come in. 

It is recommended that you use bug nets, no chemicals to protect your plants.