Future unclear for dozens of cats rescued from Minnesota home

Dozens of cats rescued last month from a Farmington home, where authorities discovered 60 dead cats, still face an uncertain future.

Galahad, a three-year-old domestic shorthair, is making himself at home at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, but his last home was less than ideal.

“I think conditions were really horrific,” said Zach Nugent of the Animal Humane Society. “That's what set this one apart from what we typically see in the Humane Society investigations and that there were so many dead animals upon arrival."

Galahad was one of 51 cats investigators found living in deplorable conditions at a rural home in Farmington last month. Investigators also discovered 60 dead cats on the property including in a shallow grave in the yard, a detached garage and a freezer and refrigerator inside the home. Possible charges are still pending for the woman accused of running the operation.

“A lot of times cats that come from Humane Society investigation cases face a variety of different health and socialization issues,” said Nugent. “We have to identify them and treat them on an individual basis.”

Of the 51 cats seized from the home, 11 have already been adopted, while eight are still waiting. The Humane Society is trying to find foster homes for 14 because they're stressed in the shelter environment. After a June 14 deadline, those 14 cats could face euthanization. Six other cats are still being evaluated and 12 had to be euthanized soon after being seized from the home.

“So these are cats that have failing health and in some cases, there were some cats that could be deemed dangerous,” said Nugent. “They were biting our staff. They were cats who were almost feral in nature and we didn’t believe would ever come around and be safe to place in a home.”

Galahad and the other cats from the home may need a little extra time to adjust to new surroundings, but it’s nothing that can't cured with a little extra love.

“Anytime we have cases like this where we see animals that in bad conditions in bad health, make that full turn around,” said Nugent.

Twelve dogs and a guinea pig that were found in the home have been adopted as well.