Family of missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs shares story weeks after disappearance

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Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs went missing four weeks ago. Since then, her loved ones have been living in what they describe as sleep-walking, a constant daze since their world was flipped on its head.

“Our minds go 24/7, every single thing,” said Suzi Allard, Jayme’s aunt.

“If you’re just dealing with anger, that’s one thing. But we’re dealing with fear, sadness, anger - so many emotions that hit you all at once…just numb, don’t know where to go,” added Steve Naiberg, Jayme’s uncle.

On Oct. 15, Denise and her husband James Closs were shot to death inside their home along Highway 8 in Barron.

By the time authorities got to the house after a confusing and chaotic 911 call from Denise’s cell phone, Jayme was gone.

An AMBER Alert remains active for the 13-year-old. Meanwhile, her aunts, uncle and grandpa remain convinced she is out there, alive, somewhere.

Family says her soft giggle, dimple and thick eyebrows could help strangers spot her.

“We just want Jayme home. We want to know why all of this happened, just wish we had some answers and hoping for that miracle of Jayme coming home,” her aunt Jennifer Smith said.

Family members said in the days leading up to the crime, there was a family birthday party at the home of Jayme’s aunt Jennifer Smith on the other end of town.

Jayme and Denise were there, and Jayme was a little quiet, which family said was normal. The two headed home at 4 p.m., and the tragedy unfolded less than 10 hours later.

“I’ll never forget when we left, will never forget Denise at the car door, big old smile,” Suzi said.

The family reports Denise even followed up with Sunday evening phone calls with them – again, all seemed normal.

They believe the attack was targeted and planned. Family members recently returned to the Closs house in search for answers of their own.

“It brought up more questions for us,” Suzi said.

Aunt Suzi and the others said while the community support in Barron has been overwhelming, the rumors connected to this case on social media really hurt.

One they dismiss angrily is this idea Jayme had some secret boyfriend.

On Monday, the family requested for the world to keep its eye on the ball and focus on bringing their teenage niece and granddaughter home.

“There has to be something out there. Someone has that one bit of information that we need to come forward with,” Suzi said.