DNR needs pine cones and is willing to pay for them

The State Forest Nursery is once again asking for help gathering evergreen cones to help with 2022 reforestation efforts.

This year the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is offering between $20 and $150 for bushels of seeds with black spruce, jack pine and red pines most needed. 

Each year the DNR seeds around 5,000 acres of land to help with reforestation. 

"We rely very heavily on the public to supply seeds and cones to the State Forest Nursery," said DNR Forestry Silviculture Program Coordinator, Mike Reinikainen. "Gathering seeds and cones is a great outdoor fall activity that helps produce future forests, plus it’s a good way to make some extra money."

The DNR asks you contact one of the DNR seed drop off locations before you start collecting.

Seeds and cones can be gathered on public land.