DNR eagle cam chick dies after sibling pushed it from the nest

An eagle chick died after being pushed from the nest by its sibling.  (Minnesota DNR)

One of the eagle chicks seen on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources eagle cam died over the weekend after its older sibling pushed it from the nest they share.

Staff from the DNR found the chick on the ground, still alive, after the 75-foot fall. Staff was able to quickly transport the bird to the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota for care.

However, once under veterinary care at the Raptor Center, the bird’s condition quickly deteriorated and the decision was made to euthanize the eagle. 

The DNR says the injuries the bird suffered were too great and there wouldn’t be a way to care for the bird without it living in pain. 

Additionally, they say "siblicide" can happen when food becomes scarce for nesting birds and a sibling wants to not have to compete for food. In this case, the older sibling was seen on video getting increasingly aggressive with the younger eagle after the adult male in the nest went missing. 

That adult hasn’t been seen for almost a week. It is rare for adult males to return to the nest after being gone that long. 

The DNR does say since the mother only has the only eaglet to care for, they are confident she will be able to raise it to a fledgling and can fly on its own.