Concerns follow discovery of bedbugs, mice in Mpls senior living home

Augustana Health Care Center boasts on its website that the senior living home it operates "helps residents live the lives that most inspire them," though one Minneapolis couple battling a host of health conditions says living in the complex has presented more problems than solutions.

They're alleging the apartment they recently moved into is home to a number of pests, namely mice and bedbugs that often leave an itchy rash as a sign of their handiwork.

It was already a struggle for Dave Lampland to take care of his ailing wife, Lisa, who suffers from polio, diabetes and seizures, even before moving into the Augustana residence last year. Now, he's not only working to keep his wife healthy, but his apartment simply livable.

“Frankly, I’m tired," Lampland said. "I’m burned out trying to do the best as her caregiver."

For their part, the company says it is extremely concerned about addressing pest issues, conducting routine follow-ups on resident concerns from residents and a biannual sweep of the entire complex. They also note their on-site staff is trained to monitor both individual units and common areas for problems.

An exterminator is scheduled to conduct a chemical treatment later this week to address the bed bugs and mousetraps have been installed around their apartment, though the couple ultimately says they believe more could have been done to prevent and correct the issue. 

In the meantime, the Lamplands are staying with family members while their apartment is treated.

"We were not told when we first got here that there were issues that should’ve been attended to," Dave Lampland said. "I just hope that we’ll be safe in our apartment and be able to sleep at night."