Closs case: Video released of Patterson driving past responding law enforcement

The Wisconsin Department of Justice released the investigation files regarding the October 2018 kidnapping of 13-year-old Jayme Closs and the murder of her two parents.

Last October, Jake Patterson broke into the Closs home in Barron, Wisconsin, killed James and Denise Closs and kidnapped Jayme, holding her captive for 88 days before she eventually escaped on Jan. 10. Patterson was arrested later that day. He later pleaded guilty to the crimes and was sentenced to two life sentences, which will be served consecutively with no chance of parole.

FOX 9 confirmed newly released video shows when Patterson drove past a responding officer's squad car. According to the criminal complaint, after shooting both of Jayme's parents, Patterson dragged her to his car and put her in his trunk. Patterson estimated he had only been driving about 20 seconds along Highway 8 toward Barron when he passed three squad cars heading toward the Closs home. Jayme also told investigators she heard law enforcement drive by.

Released body camera audio captures deputies discussing their initial impressions of the scene.

"This door's been kicked in. It looks like the male that's down, answered the door. I don't know if we're missing somebody or not from the scene," said one deputy.

"We had one car that was heading out as we were coming," responded another.

"Well, we'll have him on camera. We're missing a suspect. We didn't see a shotgun, right guys?" said the first deputy.

Months later, Jayme escaped from Patterson's home in the Town of Gordon, Wisconsin and encountered a woman walking her dog, who then brought her to a home and alerted authorities.