Charges: St. Cloud mom admitted to stabbing baby, putting body in dumpster

St. Cloud police officers who were called to check on a mother and her young baby discovered the infant's body in a dumpster, according to a criminal complaint filed on Tuesday.

Police say they were called to the apartment of 26-year-old Fardoussa Abdillahi by friends concerned about her well-being and that of her three-month-old child around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday along the 2000 block of Maine Prairie Road.

According to the charges, Abdillahi called her mother, who lives out of state, and said that she had killed her baby. Abdillahi's mother in turn called other people, who lived nearby and knew Abdillahi, and they went to the apartment to check on the child.

In the charges, police say a man who went to the apartment told them Abdillahi had said she had killed the child and put their body in a dumpster.

At the apartment, officers searched the apartment with no sign of the baby. Inside the dumpster, however, officers said they found the baby's body inside a black garbage bag.

Abdillahi was arrested and is now charged with murder in the case.

Speaking with officers, the charges state Abdillahi admitted she stabbed the baby, saying she had struggled with mental and physical issues since the baby's birth and was "wondering how she was going to get help" before she attacked the child.