Charges: Homeless man robbed 4 Minneapolis banks

A homeless man is facing felony charges after he admitted to robbing several Minneapolis banks in February and March. 

On March 4, Minneapolis police officers responded to a report of a bank robbery at the US Bank at 919 E. Lake Street. The bank teller told police a man, later identified as 38-year-old Aaron Yashinsky, approached the counter and handed him a note that said, “I am very angry, I am very unhappy lately. I will kill you if I have to, give me everything you have.  I have a semi-automatic weapon in my pocket.” The bank teller gave Yashinsky approximately $800 from his drawer.

Using surveillance video, officers were able to track the Yashinsky to an apartment in the complex attached to Midtown Global Market, where he had reportedly been staying. Officers arrested him as he was leaving the apartment building.

Upon searching the apartment, police encountered two other people, one of whom had the money stolen from US Bank.   

Yashinky admitted to robbing the US Bank and threatening to shoot the teller. He also admitted to robbing three other Minneapolis banks in February.

He is currently only charged with robbing the US Bank. Authorities are reviewing the other three robberies for possible federal charges.