Cardiologist fatally hit by car while running in Plymouth, Minn.

"Sometimes one will stop, but then 3 won't," said Diane Lunde, who frequently walks in the same area. "You are taking your life in your hands every time you cross here."

Dr. Lew's wife apparently came upon the accident scene after he didn't return home in time for dinner. She realized he was the victim after describing his running gear to police. Dr. Lew died a few hours after the accident at North Memorial Medical Center, where he once worked. The cause of death was listed as multiple blunt force injuries, according to the Hennepin County medical examiner.

"The one thing that I think characterized his life was integrity," said Dr. Michael Manoles. "He took care of the patients like you would take care of a family member. He always wanted to do the right thing for them."