After 5 years of failed attempts, Minnesota couple gets to adopt

After five years of waiting and multiple failed adoptions, a couple from Andover, Minn. finally gets the opportunity to adopt a child in Africa.

Sarah and Tyler Adams thought they had exhausted all options and all their cash. But now they’ve raised over $20,000 in hopes of finally bringing home a child, and saving him from poverty.   

The two previously lost a boy they already considered their son -- Adrian’s room was all set up, but the 6-year-old never made it home in what would be their third failed international adoption.

“We have books and clothes, we bought some sunglasses.”

Sarah and Tyler, who already have a 2-year-old biological daughter, had sold their house, their car, clothes, and anything they could think of in order to pay for adoption fees and travel.

Out of money, and fearing another heart break, they were starting to think they may never be able to adopt -- until they received a phone call with the news, “they have a little boy, 3-years-old, paperwork ready, all you guys have to do is say yes, and he's ready to go.”

With the adoption process in the African country changing in the coming months, the couple needed to act fast.  So they turned to the Internet.

"At first the donations came from our close family and friends, and then from other countries,” Sarah said. “We had a donation from the Netherlands."

In only three days, they've raised nearly $22,000 on GoFundMe, and only need $5,000 more to bring their boy home.

"When we get our son home, and even going over there and meeting him for the first time, it will be worth everything."

So why doesn't this couple adopt a child here in the U.S.? They both have done a lot of mission work -- he's a pastor, and she was adopted from India. They said when they visited orphanages in these poverty stricken countries, they couldn't help but want to save them.